Workshop on writing an academic conference paper

The workshop focused on writing a paper for academic conferences. The keynote speaker of the workshop was Prof. Dr. Sabine Trepte, a professor at the Hamburg Media School and at the University of Hamburg. The workshop was held at the Graduate School Media and Communication (GMaC) in Hamburg and organized by Wesam Amer, a PhD candidate and DAAD stipendiat. GMaC PhD candidates, Amaranta Alfaro Muirhead and Marissa Munderloh also helped in the organizational issues.

As PhD candidates we think that most of our academic careers depend on our success in writing and publishing our works in conferences or in journals. In this regard, we think it is a crucial start for us as PhD candidates to understand the process of writing papers for conferences.

In this workshop, the main focus was on writing academic papers for conferences. The discussion was on several topics such as: preparation, overall strategies and writing.
Prof. Trepte exposed to criteria about to choose interesting and relevant conference. For example: to search for right scholarly discipline, the right orientation with regard to research methods, meeting people, weather to attend big conference or a small workshop and the right format of paper submission, poster or full paper. She also gave some advices for preparation of academic conferences, i.e. to know the conference call, the evaluation criteria, the hidden agenda, the reviewers, the selection process and the rejection rate.

Following the preparation section, Prof. Trepte explained several strategies for writing academic conference papers. Then, she elaborated on the writing strategy to the format of submission for the conference: full paper, extended abstract and short abstract. With more details, she discussed several steps for when the paper submission is rejected and/or accepted.

19 PhD candidates from 3 graduate schools at the University of Hamburg participated in this workshop. Their questions enriched the discussion of writing and submission academic papers for conferences.

– Wesam Amer –

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