Repeat! Remix! Remediate! The New Arts of Documentary

ACHTUNG: Aufgrund einer Erkrankung muss die Veranstaltung leider kurzfristig entfallen. Sie wird ggf. zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt nachgeholt.

Guest-Lecture von William Uricchio (MIT, Cambridge/USA)

Auftakt zum RCMC-Themenschwerpunkt „Repeat, Remix, Remediate. Modes and Norms of Digital Media Repurposing“

Dienstag 9.4.2013, 18.00 Uhr, Von-Melle-Park 6, Hörsaal D

It’s happening again. The documentary, long underappreciated for its transformational impact on film form, is again offering new ways of representing and intervening in the world. At a moment where location-aware HD video cameras are nearly ubiquitous, where networked computers have broken the distribution bottleneck, and where game play, crowd-sourcing and the social turn have redefined media practice, documentary makers have been quick to respond. Only this time, rather than simply using new technologies to represent social change, the documentary form is itself the subject of technological change … with dramatic implications for social voice and mode of engagement. Inherited assumptions regarding who speaks, what constitutes a text, and how we define reading practices, are challenged in this new turn, which carries forward Vertov’s promise to position film as part of a social network and Direct Cinema and Cinéma Vérité’s efforts to redefine the filmmaker-subject relationship. The talk will explore some of these new developments, but will also take pains to show how they help to illuminate some of our long forgotten historical practices.

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Vortrag in englischer Sprache. Die anschließende Diskussion wird auf Deutsch und Englisch geführt.


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