GMaC-Lunch „Comparing Media Policy and Regulation“, English lecture by Dr. Manuel Puppis

Comparing Media Policy and Regulation

GMaC-Lunch mit einem englisch-sprachigen Vortrag von Dr. Manuel Puppis, derzeit Gastwissenschaftler am Hans-Bredow-Institut und an der Graduate School Media and Communication (GMaC), und anschließender Diskussion am 15. Mai 2012 von 12-14 Uhr im 1. OG des Hans-Bredow-Instituts, Heimhuder Straße 21, 20148 Hamburg.

As scholars are expected, among other things, to deliver fresh ideas to policy-makers, comparative research can play a crucial role in finding adequate ways to reform media regulation and governance mechanisms. Despite its undeniable merits for research and policy-makers, comparing media policy and regulation is subject to various pitfalls and limitations. Hence, this presentation aims at clarifying how exactly comparing media policy and regulation works in practice. It suggests four different steps of comparing media policy and regulation (selecting cases; identifying dimensions; collecting data; performing the actual comparison), arguing that future research should move beyond geographical boundaries (e.g., the nation-state) and media systems. Furthermore, the most influential handbooks and key comparative studies are presented, emphasizing that past research has mainly been interested in instruments of broadcasting regulation in primarily Western countries, and that causal comparisons using macro-qualitative methods are virtually non-existent.



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