PhD Course: Marketing Models, Kick-off October 19, 2011 Seminar january 15-17, 2012

PhD Course: Marketing Models

“Award Winning Papers on Marketing Models”

Winter Term 2011/12

Dates & Location

Kick-Off: October 19, 2011, 10 am, (Welckerstr. 8, Room 2.16)

Seminar: January 15 – 17, 2012

Location: Youth Hostel Bremen (cost approx. 80 €)


This course is designed to lay the foundations of good model-based research in Marketing and other areas in the Social Sciences. Through a critical review of the existing literature, presentations and discussions, students become acquainted with common problems in model-based research and advanced methods to solve them. Students learn to conduct research themselves and to evaluate research done by others.


Students should have a solid foundation in statistics and be familiar with the basics of multivariate data analysis.


Students who want to attend this course need to register.

The deadline for registration is October 4, 2011. Please send an email to Elke Thoma ( which should inform about:

your name

your contact email address

your affiliation

the supervisor and topic of your doctoral thesis

Contents & Working Requirements

The reading list for the course contains papers that have won major awards recently. Examples are the John D.C. Little Award for the best paper published in Marketing Science or Management Science, the William F. O’Dell Award for the JMR article published 5 years ago that has had the most significant long-term impact, and the Gary L. Lilien ISMS-MSI Practice Prize. All papers use marketing models, but cover different substantive areas in marketing.

Participants carefully read all papers on the reading list. They present two papers in class and participate in the discussion on all papers.

The discussion will focus on the following questions:

What makes the paper so special that it has won an award?

What are the weaknesses of the paper?

What are open questions / opportunities for future research?

The course is worth 4 LP (Leistungspunkte). To pass the course, participants are required to make a successful presentation. In addition they need to read all papers and participate actively in class discussions.


Prof. Dr. Karen Gedenk (

For all organiziational issues please contact Elke Thoma (

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