‘GMaC-Lunch’ lecture and discussion

A ‘GMaC-Lunch’ lecture and discussion was organized on 29.01.2013 from 13:30 – 15:00h in the Graduate School Media and Communication (GMaC). The lecture was organized in cooperation with the Erasmus Mundus program of journalism studies at the University of Hamburg. The keynote speaker was Prof. William Porath.

In his talk, Prof. Porath presented his project titled, “Uses of elements of personalization and strategic frames in newspaper coverage of two Chilean presidential campaigns (1989-2009)”. Dr. Porath started by discussing the personalization of politics and the growing use of the strategic frame. Then he discussed the changing styles and forms of political communication in Western democracies, the concept of Mediatization and „Americanization“ and „Presidentialization“ of the campaigns. More specifically, he discussed his main project on the Chilean newspaper. He focused on the Chilean case as an example of Latin America, as well as the objectives and theoretical concepts of the strategic frame in the media. In detail on Chile as a case study, he discussed the media industry and the politics in Chile, the written media (the press) especially El Mercurio, Las Ultimas Noticias (LUN) and La Tercera in Chile. At the end of his presentation, Prof. Porath put forth some of his preliminary findings. Moreover, Prof. Porath gave some considerations regarding the personalization and strategic frames in newspaper coverage, i.e., according to the project data, there is an increase in the space for one aspect of personalization represented in privatization and for the use of elements of the so called “strategic frame”, to inform about the development of the Chilean campaigns in the four studied newspapers mentioned above. Another consideration is the scheme of changes that is repeated when he analyzed the data differentially for the narratives that originate at the initiative of the politicians themselves through campaigns and those originating by the media.

After the presentation, the floor was open for discussion between Prof. Porath and the participants of the meeting. An interesting discussion focused on the results and the case of privatization as an aspect of personalization and whether the Chilean case could be an example of the Latin America in terms of personalization and strategic frames in the presidential campaigns

Prof. Porath is from Pontificia Universidad Católica in Santiago de Chile and is a guest professor at the Erasmus Mundus program at the University of Hamburg. .

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