The area of research “games” of the RCMC pools intentions that focus on digital interactional spaces. Hereby, a special focus lies on digital games. These are researched according to the principles of the RCMC, i.e. the lead perspectives “use/effect”, “offers” as well as “markets/rules” with the help of cross media and cross cultural research. Contentwise, the aim of the cluster is to research games and virtual worlds as autonomous objects on the one hand (e.g. as aesthetic offers for adventure). On the other hand, it is to research the context of these interactional spaces (e.g. societal discourses about computer games) and to convey the gained knowledge to society.

The current thematic focus lies on creative forms of appropriation and manipulation of digital media, artefact oriented analyses of aesthetics of digital games as well as questions of conveyance of history in and by computer games.


Lecture series HERE | THERE
April 12 – June 28 2016, Hamburg

Lecture series Subkulturen des Spiels
April 14 -June 16 2015, Hamburg

Talk at PLAY13 – Festival für kreatives Computerspielen
September 18 – 20 2013, Hamburg

Conference Games, Cognition, and Emotion
July 5 – 6 2013, Hamburg

ECREA Preconference Avatars and Humans. Representing Users in Digital Games
October 11 -12 2010, Hamburg


Felix Schröter, M.A.
Institut für Medien und Kommunikation
Universität Hamburg
Von-Melle-Park 6, D-20146 Hamburg
T: 040-42838-4815

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