Media Practices of the Documentary

The working group with the focus “Media Practices of the Documentary” concentrates on films, audio recordings, videos, and photographs, but also comics, text documents, theatre performances etc. with documentary characteristics. Concerning this, a variety of questions play a role, as for example:

  • Where and how can documentary media be found (archives, data bases etc.)?
  • How do documentary media build complex meaning via practices of media transformation of its original material?
  • Which role do different media settings play when it comes to editing documentary media?
  • In which ways do theories of the documentary explain its cultural meaning?
  • How can documentary media be made accessible as a source of everyday, social and cultural history for different disciplines?
  • How does history get conveyed in documentary media (in terms of public history)?
  • What kind of meaning do documentary media have for the construction of cultural memory?
  • Which legitimising strategies (criteria of credibility) do documentary media implement to render the knowledge they create plausible?

The group discusses about the ways to access the material itself, questions of the methodological access to documentary media, as well as the theoretical foundation of projects about documentary media.


Prof. Dr. Thomas Weber (

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