Brands, Labels and Formats

In the research area ‘Brands, Labels and Formats’ a special focus lies on the market oriented management of media products. For this, a proposal for a DFG (‘German research community’) research group got accepted. Prof. Dr. Henrik Sattler (designated speaker) as well as Prof. Dr. Michel Clement participate in the group. The title of the proposal is “marketing of hedonic media products in the digital age”.

The relevance of the topic becomes visible in that a remarkable part of the added value by media in the so called creative industries gets forged: media industries that produce products such as films, music, books, magazines and games. According to some estimations, about one billion dollars are spent globally for hedonic media products every year. The economic value of such hedonic media products is accompanied by an immense societal status, which is mirrored partly in large time budgets that consumers attribute hedonic media products. Additionally, such products are of high cultural relevance.

Study about e-books and e-readers

The Christmas trade in 2011 demonstrated impressively the rising demand for e-books and reading devices like e-readers and tablet PCs in Germany. The growing demand for digital fictional work is related. Especially trade publishers are challenged by the ways they have to arrange and and market their assortment of goods adequately. The knowledge about the demand is the base for future decisions. Until now, only very few results of market research exist that support managers in the early market phase concerning the purchasing and user behaviour.

Prof. Dr. Michel Clement and business manager Tim Prostka of the RCMC at the University of Hamburg, in a cooperation project with Dr. Felix Eggers (Zeppelin University, chair for marketing), dedicated themselves to solving this problem. Together, they provide information about (1) the demand (purchase) and use of fiction e-books, (2) differences between the situations of purchase and use of printed books and e-books as well as (3) the trade situation. This is based on a representative market research study in Germany (n = 1623 book sellers).

A summary is available and can be demanded at this address:

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