Research Group Media, Policies and Politics

The research group ‘Media, Policies and Politics’ provides a space for interdisciplinary research. It presents an organisational network to scientists in the project group. The conducted research projects concentrate on the interconnection of politics and media, of the political system and communicative system or political actors and media actors, respectively. Within this frame, the research group associates different disciplines, fields of topics, and approaches. ‘Media, Policies and Politics’ is a part of the interdisciplinary RCMC.

The focus ‘Media, Policies and Politics’ publishes the series ‘Medien und Politik’ as in-house publication with the LIT publishing house (Münster/Hamburg). The series displays results of the group’s research projects as well as externally conducted studies.

The group was founded in 1987 at the Institute for Political Science under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Hans J. Kleinsteuber. Until now, in the history of the group, employees investigated developments in the area of European media politics, non-commercial local radio, public service broadcasting etc. Several hold professorships in media studies or political science or managing positions in economy and society.

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