Lohner, Dr. Judith

Judith Lohner (Dr. phil., University of Hamburg) is a postdoctoral researcher and lecturer at the Institute of Journalism and Communication Studies, University of Hamburg, where she is currently working on the international, EU-funded project (FP7) “Media, Conflict and Democratisation” (MeCoDEM).

After studying Journalism and Communication Studies and Political Science at the Universities of Bonn, Bordeaux and Hamburg, Judith joined the University of Hamburg as a research associate in 2009 and completed her Ph.D. on the role of journalistic memory in the Europeanisation process in 2014.

In her research and teaching she focuses on inter- and transnational comparative journalism studies, media and communication in transitional and conflict societies, media memory, European public spheres and communicating the EU.

Her major publications include a monograph on journalistic memory as a dimension of Europeanised public spheres (Journalistische Erinnerung als Dimension europäisierter Öffentlichkeit: Theoretische Grundlegung und empirische Anwendung am Beispiel der “Europäischen Wende”, e-diss, Hamburg 2014) and a volume on the coverage of the EU by the regional press (Die Europäische Union in der Regionalpresse. Inhalte und journalistische Praxis aktueller Berichterstattung, LIT Verlag, Berlin 2011).

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