Drefs, Ines

In her dissertation Dr Ines Drefs analysed Professional Journalism in the Social Web with a special focus on International Public Broadcasting (Deutsche Welle). She was especially interested in journalistic handling of user comments and its democratic potential. She finished her doctorate in March 2019. Meanwhile, Dr Drefs holds a postdoc position at Erich Brost Institute for International Journalism. An up-to-date staff page can be found here: https://brost.ifj.tu-dortmund.de/institut/team/dr-ines-drefs/

Her research interest focuses on Media Assistance, Journalism Cultures, Media and Democratization, and (Online) Deliberation.

Ines is an alumna of the Erasmus Mundus Master’s in “Journalism and Media within Globalization: The European Perspective” of Aarhus University in Denmark, University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands and University of Hamburg in Germany. Her Master’s thesis focused on Journalism Trainers’ Role Perception in the Context of Development Media.

Ines completed her B.A. in communications and social sciences at University of Erfurt, Germany, and Yonsei University Seoul, South Korea. In her Bachelor’s thesis she analyzed to what extent Ethnic Soap Operas can cause Changes in Stereotypical Perception.


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Social Web-Kommentaren” [Overtrolled and underliked? Journalism handling social web comments]. HSS Fachforum Medien “Journalismus zwischen den Wogen der Datenflut”, September 1 in Hamburg, Germany. http://www.hss.de/stipendium/themen/themen-2014/entern-oder-kentern.html

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